Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Undesirable winds.....

When she was just refraining from taking a back seat and letting it go, somethings did good for her. She looked at them to see if they were real..."oh yes they are!", she said to herself. She was blending in with her all the unwanted thoughts that made her take an unsound actions. But as soon as she merged herself in, she felt a obstacle. She opened her eyes and found herself in the same old phase of the unwanted winds that passed by her. At some point she thought she had surpassed them and defeated them in their own battle. Then how were they here. With all of their powers back on. Knowing nothing about, she had to again take a back seat, this time not knowing till when. She had once decided not to return but the cool and calm breezes ahead made her mind change. This time they were not visible. How is she suppose to see them, how is she suppose to feel them....or are they left long back never to return?

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