Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missing the stranger....

She was letting it go....she was letting him go. But there was a certain part in her that was forcing her to stay back. Stay for the stranger in him that might come back. She always looked at a frame....a frame that she had built to see him. He was fitting in like a missing part in a puzzle. He was the missing stranger. She convinced herself of him. She told everyone to confide in him. Everyone did....except he himself! She cried out loud. She cried her heart out. But there was no sign of him to return. She was searching for him, through her heart, mind, body and soul. But again, there was no sign of him to return. What was the thing that she went wrong in? Was it her or were they just her thoughts? Mistake, was a strong dimension of him that she had in her mind. Yes, she thought, he made a mistake. But was it a mistake or just a small setback? But then why wasn't he coming back, the stranger, the missing part of her puzzle...missing share of her soul!


  1. Be in the flow and you will get..I mean whatever it is you wish a time when you are ready to receive...

    Keep writing..our writings.. when we look back at..many years later make us aware of our own evolution.. God bless!

  2. if people love each other they can't let each other go and if they can then they don't love each other... so both ways it is good.
    I don't believe in coming back...